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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #406 - Personal disorganization

Clutter is an energy thief and a distraction, and every distracting thing prevents you from using your time effectively. When you lack of organization, or you don’t have an established system or effective process, lots of time is spent doing the same thing several times over.

If your main workspace (virtual or physical) is confusing, you will end up wasting time looking for things. A scattered workspace is made for a scattered mind. Clutter induces a feeling of guilt and makes a feeling of perpetual dissatisfaction persist within us.

Get rid of clutter and you will handle your workload more effectively. A tidy workspace incites more effective work and a greater productivity.

  311 lectures
311 lectures

Tips & Co. #401 - Why develop your emotional intelligence ?

Our workplaces introduce us to constant challenges such as angry customers, unpleasant coworkers, demanding superiors, objectives to achieve, recurring issues, and performance requirements, making it easy to feel overwhelmed, overworked and on edge. Regardless of our roles we sometimes find ourselves in difficult situations leading to an emotional breakdown.

We can learn to adapt to or overcome difficult situations and it is in our best interest to manage our emotions, regain our balance and strengthen our emotional stamina.

Athletes regulate their emotions before competitions to help them perform better, and soldiers regulate their emotions before going to battle to avoid emotional collapses.

Why not make it a regular practice in your professional tool box?

  234 lectures
234 lectures

Tips & Co. #396 - Are you the bottleneck?

Sometimes, a bottleneck is a good thing. It wouldn’t be possible to enjoy a beer if it was served in a bowl – the bottleneck generates the optimal impact flow.

It would be difficult to water your yard without a nozzle. The bottleneck generates the pressure which allows you to water further away.

But in an organization, a bottleneck can be a serious problem. The production speed is always based on the slowest step of the production. We can optimize the speed for one step, but if another step is slower it is the latter that will define the production flow. And this does not only apply to traditional production lines…

  • If you have files piling up on your desk,
  • If your coworkers postpone the meeting because your presence was required.
  • If your team awaits your approval in order to move forward.

You might be hampering the progress and the flow of all the process. You are the bottleneck!

  232 lectures
232 lectures

Tips & Co. #391 - Does your organization have a soul?

Ranjay Gulati, professor at the Harvard Business School, explains that the most performant organizations generally have a common point: they have a soul.

Having a corporate culture is a very important concept. As a matter of fact, it consists of a way of living relatively specific, defining both clear and implied rules and hypothesis regulating the organization conduct. But a soul goes beyond the culture; the “soul” of an organization relies on:

  • a clear commercial intent;
  • a strong relationship with customers;
  • and an exceptional experience with the workforce.

The soul is the very essence of the organization. It is essentially knowing:

  • why we are here
  • what we are trying to accomplish
  • what gives us a meaning and a goal
  • and where do we get our energy from.
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321 lectures

Tips & Co. #386 - Tattoos in the workplace

Tattoos are not necessarily compatible with all professions and work sectors, and depending on the career or occupation you wish to have, tattoos will be more or less tolerated, accepted, appreciated perhaps even admired.

Some industries are more open minded and value the creativity and the self expression, while some are more formal, and want to give off a more rigorous image of impartiality, confidence by means of a fitting and polished appearance. In those cases, a tattoo must be more … discreet – in order to respect the neutrality and formality required by the organization.

In terms of tattoos, corporate image must be a key element to consider. One should show some caution, all depending on the kind of employment and the context. It is essential to understand the organization’s culture (its implied rules), its philosophy (its values), the nature of the job… And above of all whom will you be in contact with!

  352 lectures
352 lectures

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