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Tips & Co. #330 - Are you professional?

While evaluating your professionalism, you must ask yourself three questions :

  1. Do you have the required operational skills to be considered professional? Do you have the knowledge, the understanding, the facts, the notions and the experience you need to do the work effectively?
  2. Do you have the required relational skills to be considered professional? Do you have the skills, the behaviour, the traits, the virtues that the others (shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, etc.) perceive as important and use in determining if you’re professional?
  3. Do you commit to being professional? Do you have the will, the motivation, the intention required? Are you ready to make the necessary effort?

Do you remember the enthusiasm and conviction that you had towards your role? But in the day-to-day… it’s hard, it’s stressful. Then, little by little, fatigue gets a hold of us and our enthusiasm begins to fade.

You have no doubt worked with someone who had clearly lost his or her little fire inside. The conviction of being professional is reflected in your daily actions. Be the author of your own identity. Adopt a proactive strategic approach, since it can be learned and developed.

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Trucs & Astuces #330 - Êtes-vous professionnel?

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