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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #383 - When coworkers speak loudly

In an open space environment, when your coworkers speak loudly it is useless to suffer silently, but none the less, do not flare up shouting “Can you shut-up?”.Bring up the issue tactfully, and try to ask nicely:
  • “Could you please lower your voice?”
  • “Please, make a little bit less noise. I know you probably don’t realize it but it is really disturbing”
  • “I have trouble focusing while you are talking. I’d really appreciate if you could talk a bit further away”

… Usually, people do not realize how loud they speak, so they will probably appreciate an amiable reminder. Do it with a smile and it is almost certain that no one would be offended. Be direct and tactful, but never attack personally.
  23 lectures
23 lectures

Tips & Co. #382 - Is the customer always right?

The customer is not always right… Evidently, you could make your point, even have the last word. You might even be right. However, right or wrong, your effort will be in vain: It is not possible to win an argument with a customer.

Your goal is to acquire, maintain, and increase a loyal clientele, not to be right. If you win the argument, you might damage your relationship with the customer. Whether your organization is private or public, it is always a LOSING outcome for YOU.

The customer isn’t always right but he is the customer. We have to find a fair solution that answers his requests while respecting the needs of the organization!

  39 lectures
39 lectures

Tips & Co. #381 - Celebrate your victories and reframe your defeats

It's the end of the year: whether good or bad, satisfying or disappointing, it's time to look back on the year we leave behind.

Resilience means being able to see failures as lessons and opportunities for improvement. As Thomas Edison once said about the invention of the light bulb, “I have not failed. I simply found 10,000 solutions that did not work.”

Knowing how to accept your failures as easily as your successes is a sign of a deep-rooted self-confidence, the kind of self-assurance that will not be eroded by setbacks and will be able to inspire you to persevere in the face of adversity.

Your failures are whispers telling you to try again and they serve as benchmarks for the rest of your journey. They help you know which paths to avoid in the future and allow you to turn back and go in the right direction.

Reframe these failures so that you may make changes and come out stronger than before.

When you look at a situation from a different angle, you can see many opportunities for success, growth and development.

What a great opportunity to start over and begin the new year with strength, character, verve and conviction.

  53 lectures
53 lectures

Tips & Co. #380 - One more way to generate creative ideas when Brainstorming

Last month we saw the Reverse brainstorming as an additional way to generate ideas, and to come up with a creative solution to problems. Here is another approach to push your traditional brainstorming sessions a little further:

“Yes, And…” Approach

One method for inciting creative brainstorming is trying a technique used in improvisational theater: “Yes, and…”.

The approach encourages people to collaborate and build on everyone else’s ideas by first agreeing and then adding something to the discussion by replying “yes, and we can also…”.

Taking “no” off the table ensures all ideas are heard and avoids draining the team’s energy.

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70 lectures

Tips & Co. #379 - Do not accept change!

Faced with change, people have different reactions. When change is perceived positively, it is welcomed. When change is perceived negatively, it is resisted.

Resistance is normal and inevitable because we are all set in our ways. When a person undergoes change and has no alternative but to respond to it, the person gradually strives to accept it.

Acceptance is full of pitfalls and we must be wary of acceptance because there is a risk of becoming submissive or resigned. Resignation and submission can take different forms: illness, burnout, lack of motivation, depression, quitting... They are the result of avoidance, of being overwhelmed and of powerlessness. We take refuge by becoming passive while lacking positive energy and we stagnate.

To accept change in a healthy way, one must be in a “solution-oriented” state of mind. One must assess the change, find meaning in what happens to us, make the decision to accept it, get involved, and seize the change by using our energy until we take ownership.

Ownership is a true source of progress, where we channel our strength to change things. When we take ownership of change, we feel pride, hope, and satisfaction and we use our skills voluntarily to create new habits as well as new routines.

Do not accept change - take ownership of it!

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69 lectures

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