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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. - The two dimensions of interpersonal communication

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Interpersonal communication includes two dimensions: the explicit content dimension and the relational dimension that conveys meaning tied to the affective state of the interlocutors and their relationship.

To summarize:

The content dimension corresponds to what is said or expressed.The relational dimension corresponds to the way it is said and above all, received.

The relational dimension of communication contains meanings that have as much weight and impact as the content of the message. These meanings are often expressed through non-verbal and para-verbal communication.

The essence of communication does not reside in the transfer of information from a transmitter to a receiver, but in the relational process and the results of the interaction.

Only taking the content dimension into account is like amputating the interaction from its essential meanings. «Communication» problems are rarely a simple misunderstanding about the content.

Tips & Co. - How to Prove a Customer Wrong

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As part of a search term analysis from our users, we found this question: How do we prove a Customer wrong?

It’s always surprising to see that we’re still looking to tell the Customer he is wrong.

Let’s clarify. The Customer is not always right. But he is still the Customer.

You can absolutely make your case, and even have the last word. You might be right. However, right or wrong, your efforts will lead nowhere: the Customer won’t change his mind. Your objective is to offer quality service, not to be proven right. Whether or not your organization is private or public, this is a LOSING result for YOU.

Check out our article “When the Customer is wrong” from October 6h, 2016.

Tips & Co. - Learn the art of feedback

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By learning how to skillfully solicit, receive, and offer feedback, we equip ourselves with important tools for creating a balanced and effective workplace.

Regularly asking for advice fosters a socially and emotionally intelligent work atmosphere. And respectfully offering suggestions to others can build trust and collegiality.

Mots-clés :

Tips & Co. - Separate the people from the problem

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The Win-Win Approach involves working together towards finding a solution that result in mutual satisfaction.

Negotiation is about finding an agreeable solution to a problem, not an excuse to undermine others, therefore, to avoid negotiation breaking down into argument, it is helpful to consciously separate the issues under dispute from the people involved.

The following are examples of statements that might be used by a good negotiator:

• “You’ve expressed your points very clearly and I can now appreciate your position. However...”

• “It’s clear that you are very concerned about this issue, as I am myself. Yet from my viewpoint...”

Tips & Co - I am a customer service expert

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I see challenges where others see complications.

I make quality and professionalism my priorities.

I try to understand before making myself understood.

I listen to understand and not to argue.

I approach situations with optimism and I transform complaints into satisfaction.

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