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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #351 - The importance of dealing with complaints

When a customer has a problem, your organization has a problem. Did you know that:

  • A dissatisfied customer will share the “rotten” treatment that he has experienced with you with 20 other people ... These 20 people will share with 400 others, which could represent huge consequences for your organization?
  • 96% of dissatisfied customers do not complain to the manager or the organization?
  • If you are able to resolve the customer's problem, they will be more faithful to you than if they had never encountered a problem?

Dealing with complaints is therefore a key element for the organization. Every complaint that is resolved to the customer's satisfaction earns you points with dissatisfied customers.

The message that stands out based on these figures is clear: “Do it right the first time. Otherwise, it is in your best interest to do it right the second time!”

  12 lectures
12 lectures

Tips & Co. #350 - Avoiding the "microwave mentality"

Born of the modern world, this way of thinking tells you that if something can’t be done in five minutes or less, then it’s not worth doing. Unfortunately, most of work’s important tasks (as well as life’s) take up more than just a few minutes of our time.

Divide daunting chores into several mini-tasks, each of which should take about five minutes to complete.

Even those with a microwave mentality should be able to achieve bigger objectives in no time.

  29 lectures
29 lectures

Tips & Co. #349 - Why is teamwork so effective?

The human mind is an outstanding problem solver but a less impressive storage device. We can hold, according to some estimates, about 1 gigabyte of memory, maybe as much as 10. But our minds are not computers. They don’t rely entirely on memory and objectiveness, as a machine must, but on pattern recognition and insight.

Most of our knowledge resides outside of our heads -in our bodies, in the environment, and most crucially, in other people. In other words, the world is part of our memory.

We don’t necessarily have all the knowledge, but we know where the information is, and we know how to access it or retrieve it.

We have a social brain, we are not built to rely on a single mind. We have succeeded as species because of how well communities of brains work together and of how we share intentionality. We are collectively capable of brilliance.

If we can’t make use of other’s people knowledge, we can’t succeed. We can barely function.

Psychology Today 2017

  30 lectures
30 lectures

Tips & Co. #348 - There is no empathy in snap judgments

Snap judgments are a biological necessity handed down from our ancestors. Often a glance was the only thing they had to go on when sizing up their surroundings and calculating risk. But in our modern world, it’s a little odd to be lugging around baggage full of biases that shape and warp our perception.

We shouldn’t question every experience, but sociologist Janis Prince, PhD suggests that we try to be occasionally conscious of the flawed or problematic ideas our unconscious might be hinting at.

The next time you find yourself rushing to judgement, about a customer or a colleague, try asking yourself these questions:

• What other explanations are there for this situation?
• How might I feel if I were the other party in this situation?
• How might the other party describe this situation, if they were recounting it?

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32 lectures

Tips & Co. #347 - What to do in a challenging intercultural situation


In a challenging intercultural situation follow these steps:

1. Define the facts, not your perception.
2. Analyze your own reactions and emotions. Where do they come from? Values, beliefs, the way you view the world?
3. Analyze the other person’s reactions and emotions. Where do they come from? Values, beliefs, the way they view the world?
4. Together look for a way to engage in a conversation that will help you validate / understand, to find solutions together.

  260 lectures
260 lectures

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Xavier Aymé, Chef des opérations | Mercator Canada Inc.

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