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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #389 - Etiquette in the workplace … Advice no.2

Be polite – Hold doors (even the elevator) for people. If you're asking for something, or asking someone to do something, say "please." If someone does something for you, or gives you something, say "thank you." Say "Excuse me." if you want someone to get out of your way, if you bump into someone, if you walk between two people having a conversation, or if you need to interrupt a conversation.
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13 lectures

Tips & Co. #388 - Handwritten note-taking

It is more and more common to take notes on electronic applications instead of by hand.

A study conducted by Princeton in 2014 shows that when we use a keyboard to take notes, we do not absorb the material optimally, primarily because we transcript word for word instead of rephrasing in our own words. The act of typing rapidly without trying to grasp the real sense of words harms the comprehension and learning process.

Taking notes electronically might be more efficient, but doing it by hand is more effective!

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28 lectures

Tips & Co. #387 - When the customer is angry

Remember that the customer is angry at the situation. You are not part of the problem; you are part of the solution! What could you say to a customer to make them understand that you are part of the solution and not of the problem?
  • “I can certainly look at it immediately.”
  • “I am on it as soon as I hang up.”
  • “I am on it and I’ll call you back in an hour.”
Not taking it personally is not that easy! But when we do it, we become defensive, which damages your credibility.
  50 lectures
50 lectures

Tips & Co. #386 - Tattoos in the workplace

Tattoos are not necessarily compatible with all professions and work sectors, and depending on the career or occupation you wish to have, tattoos will be more or less tolerated, accepted, appreciated perhaps even admired.

Some industries are more open minded and value the creativity and the self expression, while some are more formal, and want to give off a more rigorous image of impartiality, confidence by means of a fitting and polished appearance. In those cases, a tattoo must be more … discreet – in order to respect the neutrality and formality required by the organization.

In terms of tattoos, corporate image must be a key element to consider. One should show some caution, all depending on the kind of employment and the context. It is essential to understand the organization’s culture (its implied rules), its philosophy (its values), the nature of the job… And above of all whom will you be in contact with!

  48 lectures
48 lectures

Tips & Co. #385 - Professional skills of the 21st century

There is an international classification of the 21st century professional skills. Among them we find the famous 4 “C”. Those skills are not only "Soft" skills but are (at least today) the advantage of humans over machines.

Those 4 “C” are:

  • A Critical mind to solve complex problems and to challenge information not always reliable;
  • Creativity to offer innovative products and services or to find more effective new methods;
  • Communication to convey ideas fast and clearly, which involves factoring each interlocutors’ and environment’s own characteristics, for a pertinent communication;
  • and finally, Collaboration to learn with others, enhancing skills rapidly and fostering team effectiveness.

Source: OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

  60 lectures
60 lectures

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