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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #436 - The practice of patience

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Deliberately practice patience - with your customers, with your colleagues, with your bosses, with yourself.
Dare yourself to hang in there for another five minutes.
Make the decision to not to get wound up by what happens.
You’ll eventually build your "patience muscle".
  2 lectures
2 lectures

Tips & Co. #435 - Embrace your envy

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There are two distinct kinds of envy: malicious and benign.
Malicious envy is bitter and biting, is driven by a need to make things equal, and stifles innovation.
Benign envy has an inspirational aspect and a powerful motivational force that leads people to dedicate more time, perform better, push their limits, and pursue their goals.
So take ownership of your envy and use it as a performance tool.
  13 lectures
13 lectures

Tips & Co. #434 - Cure your emails

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The writing style you use in your emails is a reflection of your image.
Think and carefully proofread what you have written before hitting that send button.
The more delicate the situation, the more you should wait before doing what cannot be undone.
  24 lectures
24 lectures

Tips & Co. #433 - Dealing with complaints

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Always respond to complaints and inform customers of the steps being taken to correct the problems they encountered.
By placing more emphasis on the understanding of customer expectations, service problems should diminish. However, breakdowns will inevitably occur.
But the good news is that, during these breakdowns, almost 25 % of customers indicated they were actually satisfied because of the organization's response to their customer service problem.
Providing an expedient response will benefit your relationship with customers by confirming that you heard what they said.
  27 lectures
27 lectures

Tips & Co. #432 - Do you always say "Yes" ?

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Say yes to every request and you will soon be buried in work.
Don’t try to please everyone. Set priorities and make a plan. Estimate how long each task will take based on your workload.
  30 lectures
30 lectures

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