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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #342 - What is considered to be a successful negotiation?

For some people, the mere mention of the word "negotiation" brings up images of fierce combat and a merciless struggle.

According to research conducted by Jard Curhan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, subjects (from either professional backgrounds or professional negotiators) did not prioritize objective or monetary results.

From their point of view, other more subjective factors were at least as important: for example, maintaining a good relationship with their trading partner; ensuring that the results are not blatantly against their moral values; making sure to avoid humiliation and ensuring that they were heard by the other party.

Excerpt from Cerveau & Psycho - February 2018

  21 lectures
21 lectures

Tips & Co. #341 - What is a Culture of Care in customer service?

A culture of care and service is created by instigating people to inspire each other and encouraging leadership within.

Where people believe in what they do, and do what it takes. Where people take a stance with boldness and grit.

A culture of care and service is a mindset that is hard to create but that lasts. It's tarnished by shortcuts and by inattention, and nurtured by constant training, investment and care.

  38 lectures
38 lectures

Tips & Co. #340 - Do you need to change job – or just a good night’s sleep?

When we are tired, we are less equipped to handle life. Getting too little sleep can affect our emotional control and regulation capacities, as well as our ability to think a few steps ahead.

According to William Killgore, PhD, professor of psychiatry and psychology, and medical imaging at the University of Arizona, just one off-night can compromise your ability to "tap the brakes on the emotional centers of your brain".

That leaves you prone to overreacting in situations (bad or good). You’re more inclined to feel frustrated, hurt and oversensitive, or you may feel anxious and out of it.

When you are tired, every interaction may seem a little worse and this can chip away at your happiness.

So, before you quit your job, or worst, stay at a job you think you hate, try to significantly improve your sleep, and see if you wake up a newer, saner, brighter person.

  49 lectures
49 lectures

Tips & Co. #339 - Why work as a team?

There is an African proverb that says: “Alone, I go faster; together, we go further”. A team goes further and is more successful than a single individual when the task at hand is complex, the procedure is unclear or when more than one skill is required.

Working as a team is an asset when what is required is:

  • - Creativity
  • - Cooperation
  • - Innovation
  • - Results
  • - Effectiveness

However, a team is not built by simply grouping people together. The members of a successful team volunteer their skills. There is a synergy created through the relationship that is established between team members, both at the organizational and the relational level, that allows everyone to go beyond their individual limitations.

It's just like a synchronized swimming team where members swim together! It might take longer to master, but it’s definitely more impressive.

  47 lectures
47 lectures

Tips & Co. #338 - The Fish Bowl Theory

The Fish Bowl Theory states that tropical fish can grow as large as their aquarium will permit; the bigger the aquarium, the larger the fish are able to grow. The fish bowl theory is also applicable to humans.

Picturing your next aquarium creates the same effect as having a vision or an image for your life that dictates your ability to grow.

Moving to a bigger aquarium implies knowing how to move forward towards the next step, even before you’re truly ready.

This theory can be put into practice by having a clear and definite vision in mind and by taking a calculated, premeditated risk, because if the aquarium you decide to build is disproportionate, you will most likely drown.

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48 lectures

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