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Tips & Co. - 5 Tips to be Mindful of Your Written Communication

1. Improve your writing skills. With the importance of technology and email correspondence, written communication has become more important than ever. Use a spelling check tool if necessary.

2. You must write clearly and adapt the content to the context and audience.

3. Make sure that punctuation and capitalization is adequate and avoid the use of emojis.

4. It does not mean that you should always write formally, but you must ensure that your message does not look like a text message meant for a friend. Always keep your communications professional.

5. If something seems inappropriate in a printed letter, it would also be inappropriate in an email.

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58 lectures

Tips & Co. - Verbal nods

When we want to show a customer that we are listening actively, we usually lean forward, smile, give eye contact, nod our head, move our eye brows, match expressions… those are all non-verbal cues that help us show someone that we are engaged, interested and listening.

But what happens when the customer is on the phone? Most of us still unconsciously continue giving non-verbal cues (like nodding our head) … and since body language can’t be seen it often ends up with the customer asking “Are you still there?”, that question tells you that the customer was doubting whether you were still listening.

Instead, try to replace your non-verbal language by verbal nods. Verbal nods are those utterances that show the customer you're still there, still engaged. An occasional "I see", "Uh uh", “Ah”, “Right”, “Ok” or “Is that so". A few simple words will help the customer feel you’re listening and listening well.

But don't overdo it - Don't use interjections as meaningless conversation fillers or say the same word over and over. That’s known as a "verbal tic".

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63 lectures

Tips & Co. - Just do it!

When decisions aren’t made, procrastination kicks in, nothing gets done and time is wasted. Avoidance uses up more time than actually making the decision. When something needs to be decided or done, just do it.

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84 lectures

Tips & Co. - Knowing how to take care of our team

Knowing how to take care of our team means to be in touch, to care, to consider, to take interest, to devote, to put oneself in others’ shoes, to show empathy, to demonstrate to the members of the team that they’re recognized in their individuality beyond their role, their responsibilities and their performance.

These work well when they’re momentary attention and not a sustained psychological follow-up, or worse, when they create a dependent relationship. We must not exaggerate and we must make sure that this care does not absorb the team’s energy.

All team members can offer care and can receive it – the given attention circulates with fluidity. It doesn’t follow hierarchy and allows to give and to receive simultaneously.

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97 lectures

Tips & Co. - Your attitude does the difference

At your job, it’s difficult to find the place where you can make a difference. There are probably people with more experience than you, more knowledge than you, even more skills than you.

Often, it’s not your task related skills that make your worth, but your people skills.

You can bring more generosity of spirit, more enthusiasm, more kindness, more resilience, more positive energy, more bravery than anyone else, at least right now.

That can be what you stand for. Simply because you choose to.

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73 lectures

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Xavier Aymé, Chef des opérations | Mercator Canada Inc.

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