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Tips & Co. #334 - Tips for Working with Every Generation

Today’s workforce requires cooperation from five generations. One of the biggest workplace challenges is getting these generations to see past their biases and learn to work together toward common goals since they tend to differ on everything from work hours, etiquette, working remotely and inter-office dynamic.

The following tips are useful for working effectively with ANY generation.

Recognize that generational differences influence our ideas, expectations, values and behaviors at work.Don’t make assumptions.Acknowledge that everyone wants to be treated with respect—and recognize that respect might look and feel different, based on differing experiences and perspectives.Know that you have different life experiences and can learn from others’ experiences and perspectives.Find ways to create shared values and common ground.Give your colleagues specific suggestions on what they can do to help you perform your best.Focus on what really matters—productivity, teamwork and customer relationships.
  26 lectures
26 lectures

Tips & Co. #333 - Accomplishing too many tasks at once

As soon as someone sets two objectives at the same time, each one is analyzed and managed in one hemisphere of the brain. However, by definition, there are only two hemispheres in our brains. Beyond two goals, the human brain reaches saturation and does not seem to process information. Avoid accomplishing too much at once.

  30 lectures
30 lectures

Tips & Co. #332 - The Broken Record Technique

The broken record technique is an efficient tactic for self-affirmation. It’s most likely one of the best techniques to start asserting yourself. Its principle is very simple. The technique consists in repeating the same thing as many times as necessary. We must present ourselves nicer and kinder with each repetition – just like a broken vinyl record that repeats the same lyrics again and again – until the other person gives up. It’s not because you ask something ONCE that you will get it. And it’s not because you refuse something ONCE that the other person will drop it. The broken record technique can be used for a request and for a refusal.

1. Keep in mind the message you want to communicate.2. During the conversation, repeat your message again by using the same language, again and again, as often as necessary.3. With each repetition, grow nicer, more courteous and concise.4. Don’t give in.5. Without justifying yourself, explain in a way that is adapted to this specific context.

Finally, the person will realize that you really mean what you’re saying.Be careful with this technique. If you use it to avoid being taken advantage of, it’s a good thing. If you use it to intimidate, it’s manipulative and dishonest.

  54 lectures
54 lectures

Tips & Co. #331 - Delicate situations

Throughout your customer service career, it is probable that you will be confronted with situations you would have preferred to have avoided. “Big” problems, such as an angry, threatening, aggressive customer are great challenges, but are also rare. However, our days are often seeded with “small” problems or delicate situations that are difficult to manage, based on their trivial-looking nature and the absence of processes and guidelines. When it comes to either saying “no” to a client, share bad news, or give an apology, most people are not comfortable with confronting these delicate situations.

However, these situations are inevitable – one must tackle them. If they’re ignored, they risk becoming difficult situations that are even harder to manage and If ignored, they may become difficult situations to manage and your professionalism and your credibility could be questioned.

  57 lectures
57 lectures

Tips & Co. #330 - Are you professional?

While evaluating your professionalism, you must ask yourself three questions :

Do you have the required operational skills to be considered professional? Do you have the knowledge, the understanding, the facts, the notions and the experience you need to do the work effectively?Do you have the required relational skills to be considered professional? Do you have the skills, the behaviour, the traits, the virtues that the others (shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, etc.) perceive as important and use in determining if you’re professional?Do you commit to being professional? Do you have the will, the motivation, the intention required? Are you ready to make the necessary effort?

Do you remember the enthusiasm and conviction that you had towards your role? But in the day-to-day… it’s hard, it’s stressful. Then, little by little, fatigue gets a hold of us and our enthusiasm begins to fade.

You have no doubt worked with someone who had clearly lost his or her little fire inside. The conviction of being professional is reflected in your daily actions. Be the author of your own identity. Adopt a proactive strategic approach, since it can be learned and developed.

  53 lectures
53 lectures

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