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Tips &Co. #326 - How to Respond to a ‘Thank You’

When a customer thanks you for your services, avoid responding with “no problem” or “no worries”. Although your intention is good, some customers may get offended. They may wonder why there would be a problem if the task is simply part of your job? Are you implying the customers need could potentially be a hassle or an inconvenience?

Here are a few alternatives for a successful exchange of appreciation:

• “You’re very welcome.”• “It’s my pleasure.”• “I’m happy to help.”

Words matter. Choose them carefully, especially when acknowledging a “thank you.”

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45 lectures

Tips & Co. #325 - Meetingitis

Meetings are an essential part of management. However, if they’re not managed properly, they can be a colossal waste of time.

We call it “meetingitis” – its (mock) definition is the excessive propensity to organize useless meetings. The word “meetingitis” is now accepted and even valid for Scrabble. It’s not just you – it is a real problem we have to do something about.

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45 lectures

Tips & Co. #324 - Learn to examine each situation from different angles

This is easier said than done, of course. Let’s say that you’re convinced that your suggestion would resolve the problem your team is facing. You probably think that your way of thinking is best and that you don’t need to change it. But listen to the arguments of the other people on your team in order to understand what they’re saying. You could discover that they also have excellent ideas and, if it’s not the case, you will be comforted in your opinion.

Get informed on the way others do things. This can give you better comprehension of a situation. Make a list of what’s expressed and see if it changes your opinion.

This doesn’t mean that you should change your mind, but it will help you to have a more open vision.

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Tips & Co. #323 - Creating discomfort

If you're seeking to create positive change in your work, it's almost certain you'll be creating discomfort as well.

Usually, when we want to suggest/impose/ apply something new, we say, "this is a great idea, this is going to make our work better, this is a better way of doing things."

What's a lot more difficult (but useful) is to say all of that plus, "and this is going to make (some) people uncomfortable."… and then have that conversation.

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55 lectures

Tips & Co. #322 - The diversity communication challenge

Communication differences between generations, genders, ethnicity, and cultures have always been a challenge. The problem with communication is that we interpret messages based on our personal baggage, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and values. Our perspectives are shaped and formed by these characteristics and as a result, our interpretation can differ.

Our assumptions about what is happening are based on personal experiences or familiar cultural patterns that influence our actions.

For example, if we believe that someone who doesn't look at us in the eyes is unfriendly or untruthful, our response to the individual will reflect that belief.

In western cultures eye contact is a basic essential to a social interaction which shows a person’s interest and engagement with your conversation.  It is often seen as a sign of confidence and sincerity. 

But for many cultures around the world eye contact is not considered an essential to social interaction.  At the contrary it is often considered inappropriate since deemed aggressive, confrontational or disrespectful. 

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75 lectures

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