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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #415 - Burnout: The work-exhaustion syndrome

The phenomenon of occupational pathologies began in industrialized countries with the "burn-out", which is a manifestation of a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion resulting from overly demanding work situations.

Stress and tension can be triggered by a new or unforeseen circumstance, feeling of lack of control or even a threatening or destabilizing situation. Stress is a physical reaction that puts the body on alert when in danger. The modern work experience is constantly changing and demands are incessant, and this generates an elevated level of stress that can become chronic. While you are in a constant state of urgency, your defence mechanisms are functioning without respite and your body ends up exhausted. This fatigue will have an impact on your morale and emotional exhaustion will add to physical exhaustion. To burn out literally means “to burn from inside out, to consume oneself”.

  22 lectures
22 lectures

Tips & Co. # 414 - Cultivate cultural awareness

Cultural awareness is the understanding of the differences between oneself and people from other countries or environments, especially differences in behaviour and values.

Cultural awareness is the very foundation of communication, involving the ability to step back and become aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. Why do we act a certain way? How do we see the world? Why do we react in a specific way? Cultural awareness becomes key when we have to interact with people from different cultures.

People see, interpret, and evaluate things differently. What is considered appropriate behaviour for one culture is often inappropriate for another. Misunderstandings occur when we use our own frame of reference when trying to understand another person’s reality.

  36 lectures
36 lectures

Tips & Co. #413 - What defines an exceptional service?

Remember your experiences in customer service, as a customer, and what made them so good (or bad!). In terms of customer service, we mostly remember the extremes, the parts awaking the strongest emotions, being positive or negative… and we talk about them for a while.

Memories linked to emotions linger in the brain. Therefore, in our workwe seek to spark pleasant and positive emotions in our customers through the provided service.

However, it is not your perception of who and what you are that matters, but the way others perceive your behaviour, what they feel towards you and how they respond to these perceptions. That is the real test!

  30 lectures
30 lectures

Tips & Co. #412 - Mental imagery serving performance

Mental imagery is a mental training technique that productive people use to prepare for action, repeating and training their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to optimize their performance and well-being.

It is used effectively in many areasincluding elite sport, psychiatry, therapy, teaching, and personal development to induce physical, cognitive or behavioural changes.

This science-based technique conditions our brain, making it more likely to act according to mental representation, resulting in true learning and development of this imagined skill. If you have prepared for said situation, you can simply take the appropriate action you have previously developed and practiced.

  36 lectures
36 lectures

Tips & Co. #411 - Angry customers – safety first!

It is very important to maintain a safe environment. What can you do to secure your environment against angry customers' physical aggression?

Plan a path or an exit strategy allowing youto leave the premises, if needed.

Plan a physical barrier to protect you (counter, glass panel).

Don’t leave any objects that could be used as a projectile or weapon out on your desk.

Have an emergency button.

Establish a buddy system with your coworkers.

  43 lectures
43 lectures

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Xavier Aymé, Chef des opérations | Mercator Canada Inc.

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