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Tips & Co. #418 - Ending the conversation with talkative customers.

Some people are just born to talk. They don’t even mind if you’re not really listening so long as they’re talking. So, they talk and talk and talk and talk, and you simply "uh huh" and "oh" and "I see" and hope that eventually they’ll run out of steam and let you off the phone.

They won’t.  Don’t play that game, and don’t fear that they will be offended if you try to end the conversation.  They won’t – if you do it in a courteous and direct manner. You may have to jump in when they pause for breath, but don’t beat around the bush or drop hints.

Make statements that psychologically lead the customer toward the end of the conversation:

  "Before we hang up, I want to be sure to tell you ..."

  "I don’t want to take up anymore of your time so let me give you ...."

  "One last thing I need to tell/ask you..."

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