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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #409 - Am I conscientious or perfectionist?

The conscientious person sets themselves standards of excellence that are humanly possible to reach. They know how to balance out their efforts and determine their priorities without neglecting the importance of details. They remain flexible and know how to adjust their own expectations according to the context or the importance of the task. They are their own critique; they own their mistakes and try to fix them. They find joy and satisfaction in completing projects and reaching personal goals. They perceive the future in a realistic fashion, et try to prevent any difficulties. If difficulties come up, they try and find solutions to use.
The perfectionist person sets themselves standards of excellence that are extremely difficult to reach, even impossible. They don’t know how to balance out their efforts, sometimes overinvesting themselves in tasks of lesser importance at the expense of some of higher priority. For them, details are as important as the bigger picture, and they remain inflexible in their choice of priorities and their way of working. The perfectionist encounters difficulties working as a team or delegating. They constantly second-guess themselves, and don’t acknowledge their limits and imperfections. Their value as a person depends on their success and achievement. They severely judge themselves, and don’t take criticisms well. The tiniest mistake is experienced as a crushing defeat.  The perfectionist is perpetually unsatisfied and very often experiences anxiety, shame and guilt. They fear the future and dread failure.
Source: Louise Careau, psychologist (Laval University)
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212 lectures

Tips & Co. #399 - Pain versus suffering

We are very ambivalent about change…

We constantly demand that our environment changes.

But as soon as the same environment asks us to change…

… We "resist",

… Our defense mechanisms are triggered,

… We argue to maintain the status quo.

We are used to our "routines" and find it difficult to change them.

This change imposes stress on us, reviving the feeling of insecurity deep in the reptilian brain, which forces us to mobilize our forces to counter threats and ensure our survival.

This change forces us to …

… find another way of doing things,

... to adapt,

… to adopt new circumstances and conditions.

But its appropriation is above all a matter of individual progress!

The same change can cause very different reactions from one individual to another, depending on how they perceive the change.

A Buddhist proverb says: "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. "

This situation is certainly painful, but it is up to us to decide if we will suffer from it or not!

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307 lectures

Tips & Co. #394 - Etiquette in the workplace … Advice no.3

Be tactful – Avoid being blunt. Say "I'm sorry" if you intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone. Sometimes we are rude or grumpy when we are tired, rushed or having a bad day, and then when we realize we have made a mistake, we are too embarrassed to apologize and we just continue on as though nothing has happened. Don't do that. Take a moment to own up and make verbal amends. Don’t mock or belittle colleagues, nor tell offensive jokes that sting.

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353 lectures

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« Vraiment une formation extraordinaire, et habituellement, je suis très critique! Tout le personnel devrait suivre cette formation, il y aurait un gain d’efficacité! »

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« C’est avec un grand professionnalisme que l’entreprise a offert une formation attrayante et de qualité à nos employés. Nous sommes particulièrement satisfaits des résultats obtenus grâce à cette intervention et il nous fera plaisir de retravailler avec Solutions & Co. dans l’avenir. »

Xavier Aymé, Chef des opérations | Mercator Canada Inc.

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