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100 Ways to Provide Greater Customer Service

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Customer service is the staff’s ability to provide a series of activities designed to identify and meet customer expectations in order to acquire, retain, and grow a customer base that you trust.

The customers are all the people we interact with. The purpose of an exchange does not need to be economic and limited to goods and services. Exchange often has a psychological and intangible dimension.

The ultimate goal of a customer approach is not simply to satisfy the customers, but to maintain a strong and lasting relationship – a “loyalty effect” – with them. That’s what really matters.

Maintaining good customer service requires daily action.

Quality customer service can be provided through simple actions…

100 Ways to Provide Greater Customer Service

  1. Show that you take customer service seriously
  2. Take the time to get to know your customers
  3. Identify what your customers really want
  4. Thank your customers
  5. Be sincere
  6. Smile
  7. Respond quickly to customer requests
  8. Make quality and service your priorities
  9. Be proactive
  10. Help clients without overwhelming them with bureaucratic red tape
  11. Listen to understand, not to argue
  12. Inform your customers
  13. Turn complaints into satisfaction
  14. Be reliable
  15. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes
  16. Do ordinary things extraordinarily well
  17. Exceed customer expectations
  18. Add value and integrity to every interaction
  19. Give every customer your best
  20. Speak in a reassuring manner
  21. Discover new ways to delight your customer
  22. Be surprised by everything you can do
  23. Take care of every customer – don’t overlook “internal” customers
  24. Make REALISTIC promises
  25. Admit your mistakes and apologize
  26. Know how to control yourself and your emotions
  27. Make sure you are available and accessible
  28. Learn about customer concerns
  29. Do not finish client sentences for them
  30. Pay attention, listen to what the customer has to say
  31. Find a fair solution to meet client requests while meeting organizational needs
  32. Do what you promise, when and how you said you would do it
  33. Demonstrate sensitivity to client needs by validating or empathizing
  34. Actively listen to client words, tone, and body language
  35. Put yourself in the customer’s position to see the situation from their perspective
  36. Try to understand before you make yourself understood
  37. Thank the customer for bringing an issue to your attention
  38. Recognize the customer and give them your full attention
  39. Be professional
  40. Connect, one client at a time
  41. Identify and anticipate needs
  42. Answer the phone before the third ring
  43. Make customers feel important and valued
  44. Be part of the solution, not the problem
  45. Take complaints professionally and not personally
  46. Know how to apologize
  47. Ask thoughtful questions and listen to the customer’s response
  48. Know that what counts is not what you say, but how you say it
  49. Approach the situation (even if complex) with optimism
  50. Tell the customer that you appreciate them as a customer, whenever they call
  51. Treat each meeting politely and pleasantly
  52. Don’t let the customer wait for nothing
  53. Do not transfer the customer from one person to another
  54. Remember that, to the client, their problem is unique
  55. Keep things in context
  56. Study all facets; do not defend or justify yourself
  57. Be respectful
  58. Be sensitive to your client’s situation
  59. Do not use the phone as a shield against broken promises
  60. Have the skills to help the client
  61. Welcome the customer warmly and positively
  62. Earn the customer’s trust
  63. Direct the client to the right service, place, or source of information
  64. Join forces WITH customer, AGAINST the problem
  65. Promise less…and give more!
  66. Accept responsibility for inconvenience without blaming others
  67. Let the customer be involved in finding a solution
  68. Try until the customer is satisfied
  69. Constantly self-assess yourself to find the best way to serve your customers
  70. Do not have a condescending tone of voice (as if you were talking to a child)
  71. Never let your negative feelings appear
  72. Choose to remain positive and client-focused
  73. Accept others as they are rather than wanting them otherwise
  74. Focus on the customer
  75. Don’t be defensive
  76. Listen to all the details before answering
  77. Do not interrupt the customer. If you need to interrupt them, say “excuse me” or “sorry to interrupt”.
  78. Try to help
  79. Stay objective. Don’t get caught up in emotions
  80. Propose an action plan
  81. Provide an appropriate solution to the problem
  82. Accurately rephrase the client’s words
  83. Support the client by showing them that it is worth taking the time to try to understand them
  84. Use de-escalation techniques when the customer is angry
  85. Adapt to the client
  86. Avoid anticipating the customer’s message
  87. Do not chew gum
  88. Give the customer time to ask their questions
  89. Call the customer by name
  90. Ask the customer for feedback
  91. Avoid professional jargon and colloquial language
  92. Gather the methods and techniques needed to succeed
  93. Agree to be flexible in your own expectations
  94. Offer multiple choices to the client
  95. Take care of the customer first, then their problem
  96. Be patient
  97. Focus on quality rather than quantity
  98. Be assertive without being passive, arrogant or hostile
  99. Wish the customer a good day
  100. Try one of these techniques a day!

It is your actions, your approach, and your attitude that will convince the customer of their importance.

And the customer is not the only one to benefit … knowing how to provide quality service makes our days easier and more enjoyable, and customer service is an investment in our credibility and professionalism. And it’s you who will get the long-term benefits!

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