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Tips & Co. #299 - The strength in compromise

As a team player, you will not always get to do things your way. Many people allow their ego to get in the way of compromise by seeing it as a weakness, a win-lose scenario, an abandonment of principles and values or a lack of assertiveness.

In reality, the ability to compromise has to come from a place of strength and confidence, with the conviction that what you have to lose isn’t as important as what you have to win.  It’s not reluctantly sacrificing – it’s willingly renouncing. You give a little to get something greater in return. It means stepping up without hesitation.

Take into consideration why things might need to be done differently than you originally thought, be willing to see the merits of their case and be willing to change your mind.

Ask questions to better understand their point of view or why you need to do something differently.

 - Tell me about ____.

 - Why do you feel that way?

 - How am I hurting the team’s performance?

 - How can I do it better?

 - Help me understand the issue more clearly.

When you understand what you have to gain (or might have to lose), you will be more willing to compromise.

When you compromise with your coworkers, you are leading by example, stating that the team works with one another rather than against one another. And that is a win-win scenario every time.

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