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Tips & Co. #395 - When you are stressed …

When we are stressed, it’s easy to get disconnected from the body’s best coping mechanisms: the senses.

In fight-or-flight mode, you can feel so overwhelmed that you forget to rely on your senses to guide you. Research shows that using the power of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste is the best way to beat stress.

Smell: Try aromatherapy. Lavender, peppermint or citrus have all relaxation and mood-boosting benefits.

Taste: If you are going to indulge, do it mindfully. The simple fact of chewing itself offers numerous therapeutic benefits. And a recent study showed that a daily dose of black tea reduces stress hormones.

Hear: Certain music stimulates areas of the brain responsible for emotions. Listening to music can help you relieve a stressful situation and decrease cortisol levels.

See: Our environmental surroundings can definitely make a big difference to our stress levels. Diminish clutter, have a potted plant or surround yourself with your favorite color.

Touch: While breathing deeply, give yourself a mini self-massage: Knead your neck, shoulder and upper-back muscles. That’s where we carry our stress!

Micro-défi #1 : SAVOIR-AGIR avec … AGILITÉ
Trucs & Astuces #395 - Lorsque vous êtes stressé…

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