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Tips & Co. #410 - Enjoyment in the workplace – personal intention

People striving to make their work fun enjoy it more. They tell jokes, give themselves personal challenges, have a positive attitudeat work, or even try to make other people’s work enjoyable. And all these efforts pay off.

Enjoyment in the workplace is not only a question of work itself; it has a lot to do with demeanour. Are you always negative towards your work? If so, you will never enjoy it. We always have the choice of how we work, even if we have not chosen the job itself.

It is on you to set the tone! Enjoyment does not arise by itself, without your help. You have the power to make your coworkers and customers pleased in what they do. Be present, spark up some wonderful memories! Simply ask yourself this question: How can you engage with them to improve their day? Once you have the answer, acknowledge it, share it and foster it at every desk, at every opportunity, everyday.

And if you want to wear that ridiculous hat that you hide in the closet, ring the bell from the reception, or even dance to a catchy song, go for it! You would be surprised how many people will follow your lead. And this is when work becomes reward in itself, instead of a way of getting one.

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