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Tips & Co. #334 - Tips for Working with Every Generation

Today’s workforce requires cooperation from five generations. One of the biggest workplace challenges is getting these generations to see past their biases and learn to work together toward common goals since they tend to differ on everything from work hours, etiquette, working remotely and inter-office dynamic.

The following tips are useful for working effectively with ANY generation.

  • Recognize that generational differences influence our ideas, expectations, values and behaviors at work.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Acknowledge that everyone wants to be treated with respect—and recognize that respect might look and feel different, based on differing experiences and perspectives.
  • Know that you have different life experiences and can learn from others’ experiences and perspectives.
  • Find ways to create shared values and common ground.
  • Give your colleagues specific suggestions on what they can do to help you perform your best.
  • Focus on what really matters—productivity, teamwork and customer relationships.
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