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Tips & Co. #400 - Delegating in a good fashion

Here are different actions you can use regularly in order to establish an effective environment for delegation:

  • Allow others to make decisions and they’ll be more involved.
  • Make people feel that they belong, and they will commit to your vision and action plan.
  • Think and speak as “we”, not only “I”
  • Acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • Learn to know your personal strengths and limits.
  • In reports and other communications include the names of everyone who contributed to the projects.
  • Keep sharing and repeating why you are working together.
  • Be available to others; at the same time foster ingenuity, creativity and encourage commitment.

If you haven’t developed the habit of delegating yet, you will probably experience a discomfort when delegating tasks you used to do. Learning to delegate requires change s in behaviours and thought patterns that are often deeply buried.

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