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Tips & Co. #302 - Defining feedback

Feedback is a conscious and judicious response to someone’s actions, results, methods, attitudes and behaviour - it’s communication that gives information to someone about the way they affect others.

There are two types of feedback:

Positive feedback is used to highlight and reinforce behaviour deemed desirable and effective, and focuses on consideration, self-esteem and personal validation. It considers the strong points, appreciates skills and efforts made and encourages the person to keep going.

Constructive feedback touches on the elements that require an adjustment, or even an improvement. It aims for critical thinking, for consideration of alternative solutions, for the broadening of possibilities and for questioning the status quo. It is neither blame, criticism or punishment. Feedback, in all its forms, must be used benevolently in order to allow the receiver to positively progress. This communication tool is, above all, an intention for  improvement, development and growth.

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