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Tips & Co. #368 - Don't overcommunicate by email

One of the biggest sources of stress at work is the sheer volume of emails that people receive.

Before you begin writing an email, ask yourself: "Is this really the best channel?".

Identify the channels that are best for different types of messages. The telephone or IM (Instant Messaging) may be best to deal with questions that are likely to need some back-and-forth discussion.

Avoid sending emails that will likely create a long chain of replies, or which contain sensitive information. Email is not always as secure as you might want it to be, particularly as people may forward emails without thinking to delete the conversation history.

Avoid sharing sensitive or personal information in an email, and don't write about anything that you, or the recipient of your email, wouldn't like to be shared publicly.

Whenever possible, deliver bad news in person. This helps you to communicate with empathy, compassion, and understanding, and to make amends if your message has been taken the wrong way.

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