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Being self-confident and trusting yourself

Being self-confident and trusting yourself

Self-confidence is the ability to believe, realistically and constantly, that we possess the necessary resources to face any situation with ease. It’s being confident towards our goals and believing in our own means.

Being self-confident is an essential ability for realizing our full potential and professional progress. Be it their serenity, their confidence, their charisma, their ability to face new experiences or to stay in control when the going gets tough, confident individuals possess traits which others admire.

Confidence is fundamental in opening ourselves to others, building a common project. It’s what enables us to go forward and to make connections. Without confidence, it’s difficult to consider collaborative working relationships, teamwork and group cohesion. People are attracted toward individuals who take initiative, who speak clearly, who keep their head high. They’re attracted to people who answer questions with conviction, assume their responsibilities and readily admit when they do not have the answer. When we demonstrate such aptitude, the ability to influence and inspire soars. Individuals who trust themselves inspire trust in others – their audience, peers, bosses, clients, and friends. Earning others’ trust and being self-confident in interpersonal relationships are how a confident person finds success… and the virtuous cycle continues.

Unfortunately, the opposite becomes a vicious cycle. People who lack confidence succeed with difficulty. After all, people will hesitate to get involved, to support a project or encourage an idea from someone who is nervous and unsure. But what should one do if they’re not naturally confident, or if you have left your insecurities take control? Don’t worry – self-assurance can be learned and built. Results and benefits gained will be well worth the efforts.

Self-confidence is of vital importance for your success. Without it, you’ll have difficulty in blossoming professionally. While some people are born with an abundance of self-confidence, it is not a genetic predisposition and is perfectly possible to develop.

Two main abilities contribute to self-confidence: self-esteem and competence. Self-confidence is the feeling of security which results from a positive evaluation of ourselves and of our abilities – it implies a feeling of personal value and a feeling of competence. The self-confident individual has the certainty that he has everything required in order to succeed in everything he puts his mind to. To succeed, one must first believe he is able to.

People who show assurance think, feel and act in a way that contribute to their success. They see obstacles as challenges and rapidly recuperate from failures. They know they can be even more if they try – and they try, again and again, with courage and panache!

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