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Hiring criteria: Experience or potential?

Expérience ou Potentiel English

Findings :  

  1. Highly skilled job seekers blame employers of not being interested in hiring unemployed people.
  2. Students with new knowledge protest about not being able to meet market demands (even for junior positions) after their studies.
  3. Workers wishing to change careers deplore the difficulty ofreorienting.
  4. Those who perform work that devalues their knowledge feel underutilized and neglected.
  5. On the other hand, we’ve heard employers complain about lack of skill” for years.

🤔 Ummmmm…..

What is wrong with the current hiring processes? 

It seems as though the priority of organizations is simply to fill the vacant position as quickly as possible, since time is money.

When the key word is "Fast", the best way is to rely on elements of exclusion such as years of experience.

When employers insist on hiring someone with experience, they create a vicious cycle…… 

Our efforts are focused on finding the ideal candidate quickly… The quickest way to find these employees is to recruit workers already hired by other companies.… 

We continue to steal the same people from each other, without understanding that we continue to lose our employees through the back door, all while increasing their salaries without any increased value.

Regardless of whether our recruitment and hiring process gives us better candidates… And without realizing that, by hiring only people with experience, there will be no one to hire at the end!

And that’s the beginning of the end….

We miss out on good candidates, we are constantly recruiting, we increase the cost of labour, while undermining the financial profitability of the organization and reducing the talent pipeline.

🤔 Ummmmm….

Yet there are so many high-potential individuals— 

Why hire based only on their experience or academic training?

What about candidates who might have the "knowledge" required, but did not have the opportunity to apply it in a workplace?

Or those who have acquired skills in a non-traditional way?

Those with an atypical background?

The ones with different work backgrounds?

Years of experience or academic training do not guarantee effectiveness. They do not predict a successful functioning of the corporate culture, nor do they ensure that the individual can successfully fulfill his or her role and responsibilities.

When hiring processes measure and engage based solely on exclusion criteria, organizations miss out on an incredible amount of talent.

An idea… A different approach 

What if we stopped evaluating candidates only on the basis of years of experience or their academic training?

How about looking beyond current hiring practices, reframing our criteria to broaden access to career opportunities?

What if we approached hiring in a holistic and inclusive way?

Why not let the candidates prove they have the right skills?

Why not allow candidates to communicate their way of being and thinking?

Why not evaluate them according to their soft skills and potential?

Potential is the willingness and possibility of the person to evolve or project themselves to solve new problems and/or increasingly complex and ambiguous situations.

It is the capacity of an individual to know how to intentionally arrange and combine their intellectual, practical, emotional and social skills. 

The question is not whether people have the right skills, but rather whether they have the potential to learn new skills. to adopt and adapt appropriate behaviours and skills according to the objectives.

When we talk about potential, people are massively underestimated and underutilized.

Bet on the “Potential”! The rest can be learned !

Avancement professionnel : Échelle ou Treillis?
Critères d’embauche : Expérience ou potentiel?

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