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Tips & Co. #488 - Do you need to change jobs - or do you just need a good night’s sleep?

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When we are tired, we are less well equipped to deal with life. Sleep deprivation can affect our ability to control and regulate our emotions, as well as our ability to think proactively.

According to William Killgore, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Medical Imaging at the University of Arizona, a simple bad night can compromise your ability to “put the brakes on the emotional center of your brain.”

This makes you likely to over-react (good or bad) in certain situations. You are more likely to feel frustrated, hurt, and hypersensitive, or anxious or overwhelmed.
When you are tired, each interaction may seem worse than it really is and undermines your happiness.

So, before you resign or, worse, stay in a job that you think you hate, try to significantly improve your sleep, and see if you wake up being a new person, more fit and brighter.

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