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Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Le blogue de Solutions & Co.

Tips & Co. #297 - Calling fear by its name

Highly successful people view reaching out to receive support as a strength. Also, successful people label fear by its name. They don’t bother calling it stress, anxiety or nerves.

When we call fear stress, we tend to blame situations and other people for our responses. This leads to feeling of helplessness and encourages us to complain rather than to act.

Yet when we call fear by name, we are led to take action by actually addressing it.

  420 lectures
420 lectures

Tips & Co. #293 - The five pillars of fulfillment

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Which personality traits will make you a happy and accomplished person?

Psychologists from University of London have identified the “life skills” of those who are thriving. These life skills include five characteristics that help us manage our lives:

  • Determination
  • Self-control
  • Optimism
  • Thoroughness
  • Emotional Stability

Experts have observed that the level of subjective wellness, income, quality of social relationships, physical and mental health are predicted by the number of life skills that a person possesses. And they can be developed!

Cerveau & Psycho (June 2017)

  447 lectures
447 lectures

Tips & Co. #290 - Learn the art of feedback

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By learning how to skillfully solicit, receive, and offer feedback, we equip ourselves with important tools for creating a balanced and effective workplace.

Regularly asking for advice fosters a socially and emotionally intelligent work atmosphere. And respectfully offering suggestions to others can build trust and collegiality.

  443 lectures
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443 lectures

Tips & Co. #285 - De-toxifying conflicts


We may be getting the job done but too often we go home feeling demoralized and frustrated.

In order to reduce work-related stress we need to promote accomplishments and emotional well-being at work. Not one or the other.

When human hearts are aligned with work, success becomes a challenge and a joy … and the best place to start is to work with the conflicts that arise in your own relationships at work.

  479 lectures
479 lectures

Tips & Co. #284 - When giving up is a virtue


Choosing in the face of complexity and uncertainty requires mental acuity. Having the simple ability to confidently choose one course of action while abandoning others is a great predictor of success.

Sometimes sticking with something is a recipe for failure, while quitting is winning!

  419 lectures
419 lectures

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« Vraiment une formation extraordinaire, et habituellement, je suis très critique! Tout le personnel devrait suivre cette formation, il y aurait un gain d’efficacité! »

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« C’est avec un grand professionnalisme que l’entreprise a offert une formation attrayante et de qualité à nos employés. Nous sommes particulièrement satisfaits des résultats obtenus grâce à cette intervention et il nous fera plaisir de retravailler avec Solutions & Co. dans l’avenir. »

Xavier Aymé, Chef des opérations | Mercator Canada Inc.

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